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Children easy prey to pimps

Stip police continue the investigation of juvenile prostitution and expect more arrests.


In Macedonia a developed network of juvenile prostitution exists which is not only situated in Stip. However the discovery of the cases goes with difficulty because the children that are abused do not have the courage to report their pimps or users of sexual services say experts in this field. The First Children’s Embassy  ,,Megjahi” said that it is overwhelming how in most cases the parents know about the prostitution of their child and in a way approve of it. Sociologists appeal that those children which were victims of juvenile prostitution urgently need to be removed from the environment that left a mark on them so that they may be able to lead a relatively normal life.

Six businessmen’s form Stip, Kocani and Kumanovo were arrested Saturday because of suspicion that they were part of a recently discovered pedophile network. All of them had sexual services with the two 14 year old girls from Stip. The police action arrested two girls from Stip that were the minor’s pimps which lead them to prostitution and found clients for them.

After the arrest and detention five days ago of businessmen’s P.T (63) from Kocani and merchant K.I (42) from Stip, yesterday in the network of juvenile prostitution another six were caught.

The police on Saturday arrested M.M (49) and V.J (32) form Kumanovo, A.T (39) form Kocani and M.Sh (43) from Stip. Criminal charges are brought against them for sexual assault on a minor who hasn’t even turned fourteen. M.G (20) and D.J (23) form Stip are suspected of seducing and enabling sexual acts. One of the detainees was having an affair with one of the suspected businessman’s. The investigative judge of the detainees gave them custody of 30 days.

From 1.000 to 5.000 denars

The investigation found that the two pimps of the minor girl’s eight-graders organized meetings for them with the customers and taxi transport to reach the designated place. According to the police the two girls from Stip from January to July this year on several occasions organized meetings for the juveniles. For sex services customers paid 1.000 to 5.000 denars. The pimps kept most of the money to themselves and the rest to the two girls.

The sexual services are usually made and given in the catering facilities, in cars or apartments to those suspected of pedophilia. They took the girls for weekends in Ohrid where events began to unfold. Police reveilles that the arrested were: businessmen’s, intellectuals and people from other fields.

People from Stip are disgusted by the information that the number of people who paid for sex with the two girls who at that time had less than 13 years age, has increased. Stip police investigation continues with juvenile prostitution and expects more arrests.

Apparently no one learned a lesson from events four years ago.

Then in Stip several chains of prostitution and several networks of prostitution were discovered. There are still fresh memories of Madame Vaska, Bate Vane, and Brother Saso... In their chain ten girls from Stip, Kocani, Vinica were involved. Half of them were minors and gave sexual services to clients from Stip and eastern Macedonia. Sometimes for three thousand dinars, sometimes for a bucket of cheese or bag of flour, depending on the agreement the pimp made with the client.

The pimps are in jail. Some of them served the sentence and one of the suspected fielded abroad immediately after the verdict.

The convict of pedophilia form the Stip village Krupiste these days hanged himself in Stip jail. No longer is he among the living as well as one of the minor girls caught in the network of prostitution.

According to MIA from the first six months of this year registered were 41 crimes that were made over 43 minors and 48 persons were arrested.

Of the 30 registered cases most were crime over a minor who hasn’t turned 14. Registered five crimes showing pornographic material to a minor who is still not at the age of fourteen and four crimes for rape as well as a sexual intercourse with a disabled person.

For the parents there are no sanctions.

After the last clarification of the pedophile network in Stip, the Center for Social Work said that in cooperation with the police and other authorities they will take the necessary measures to protect the victims. According to Natalya Panova, director of the Center for Social Work in Stip there are no elements for initiating proceedings against the families of both juveniles.

-We have potential to deal with problems. The parents of one of the girls say that there child was not neglected, she had as much money as her peers. They complain that in public the most exploited are the actions of the children rather than those of the instigators and adults which have sexually abused minors- Panova said.


Читајте фонетски

Dictionary - Преглед на детален речник

Psychologists, pedagogues and social workers in Stip stress that society, will barley improve with these problems until the economic and social situation improves. Because of times of crises, which lasts too long poverty and unemployment seriously have damaged family values and violated the moral values.

Ljupco Shatevski  

At home they lied for money

The parents of both girls say that in the last mouth they have recognized strange behaviours with their daughters. The mother of one of the girls yesterday spoke in public to discharge the rumours and lie’s that it was not true that someone offered them money or they asked to remain silent about the case.

- This last month I noticed some strange conversations my daughter made on the phone. She was talking about money, about SIM-cards. One time by force I took her mobile and heard an adult man as saying: "Say, doll. On several occasions, I found money in her purse, usually up to 500 denars. She said that the money was her friends. Recently she started going out more often than usual. Instead of 9h she would return home before midnight. Apparently she went with her friends. Recently she was missing for 25 hours. We reported to the police. It turned out she was in Ohrid. Then events began to unfold. They are nice and shy girls. Now we are under severe stress and we well do anything to help them overcome this bad experience - said the mother.