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Children’s traumas are hard to cure
The children that were raped by their father are placed in a family care for children, however their future remains uncertain.
A few days after the disclosure of the most horrendous case of incest in the country, reactions are still loud for the future of the four children from Veles that for years have been suffering violence in their home. The judge investigating the case ordered imprisonment for the father who raped his three daughters of age three, five and seven, while the children during the weekend were temporarily taken away from the mother and put in a foster family. The main question now is; what will be the fate of the children and whether the institutions have the capacity for re-socialization and rehabilitation of the three under-aged victims, who have suffered torture in their own home for years, form parents that should have cared and protected them.

 Dragi Zmijanac from The First Children’s Embassy in the Word Megjashi believes that child traumas are difficult to cure. “A child that for years has been abused and raped will have traumas throughout his life. It is unlikely that in such cases anyone can completely eliminate the consequences. But the case in Veles is a classical example of the ineffectiveness of the system for the protection of children. What is missing is prevention, because all measures taken afterwards are insufficient- traumas are hard to cure” said Zmijanac.

 The Minister of Labour and Social Policy Xhelal Bajrami this weekend informed that the children are safe since they will stay in the new family until the case is resolved. “The best solution is found and we hope that the children over time will forget all this. Professionals will continue to work with them”, said Bajrami.

What causes most dilemmas in the public is the knowledge that the nightmare of the family of six from Veles lasted for years and all kept silent. The violence came to the surface when the oldest daughter, who according to police records was sexually harassed form her father in the last six years, decided to speak out and told the horrifying secret to her mother.

,, Astonishing is how everyone was silent about the violence and how the mother did not notice what was happening in the home. These are the reasons for our constant appeal for the need of education of children, of their parents, and of teachers in order to recognize and report the violence they notice. That also concerns the closest relatives and neighbors, which should not be quite” said Zmijanac. Early detection of such cases and more diligence from social workers who have the right and the obligation to visit every home, can stop this anomaly and save the children form violence of the adults. One of the measures for protection according to experts is imposition of the most severe penalties but also timely exemption from parental rights, in cases where there are signs that children will suffer violence again.
“Thus the case that happened a few years ago when a violent father after obtaining the right to see his children raped his minor daughter and her friend will not be repeated,, remained at Megjashi from a similar case in Veles. “Megjashi,, demand that the violent father be held accountable not for one criminal case of incest of the three children, but for each case individually, which would lead to a minimum sentence of thirty years imprisonment for this awful case of incest. According to the data only in the first six months of this year 43 children were sexually abused, the biggest number being registered in Negotino.