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The country must find a solution for its citizens 

The reality of our neighbourhood in the middle of Skopje. The destiny of this infant that has been living in a terrible misery under the clear sky it is still unknown. Excavators yesterday destroyed the improvised houses of a group of homeless Roma population in Novo Lisice. The municipality is going to build places, but the country forgot about this group of people.

The country has to find solution for the citizens. The children must not be left to disgrace and under clear sky appeals the First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi. The social support is necessary.

“It must be acted, solution has to be found, and I think that the centres for social work should be out on field, to record these dysfunctional families, to provide social support. For the purpose of providing social support they should receive birth certificate and at least one of the parents in those families to be employed, so that they have chance for gaining education” said Dragi Zmijanac, Megjashi.

After yesterday’s silence, today the Ministry of labour and social policy reacted. They promise that they will not leave homeless Roma population on the street. Still they insist this people should collect all the necessary documents and than to be taken care of besides the fact that no one of them has birth certificate or any record for the date of birth. Ljubanci and Cicino selo are the two options for accommodation.

“Our ministry will not leave them in any case under clear sky, which it means that we will act preventively in this case and as a result of that the social risk that they are facing can be prevented” says Irena Todorovska, Ministry of labour and social policy

In the decade of Roma population, the most vulnerable of them seems like they have been forgotten. For this year in the project are going to be spend money for trainings and seminars.  Strategy for fighting the poverty is also being prepared. Maybe finally with that strategy the homeless will find roof over their head.