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The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi demands severe punishments

The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjahsi demands the most severe punishment for the rapist and the competent institutions not to exclude the possibility that the mother could have been an accomplice in this crime.

-The last heinous case - the father from Veles who continuously raped his three under-aged daughter’s shows absence of efficient protection for the children. If the mother knew and approved the sexual abuse of the three girls, we ask for taking away parental right form both parents and punishment if she knew and did not report the case. In order to protect the children- victims of sexual abuse, shelters should be established or the placement in foster families, where they will constantly be surrounded with love, and also to open counselling’s for the treatment of children- victims and their families- said Dragi Zmijanac, Director of Children’s Embassy Megjashi.

According to him, children- victims should get the basic conditions of recovery, rehabilitation, reconciliation and reintegration into the community.

- Residence in shelters should be temporal, and then children be sent to foster families. The abused children should not be returned to the family because in this case they will be under pressure from their close ones. Because they do not understand the situation they often change their statements - he said.

Children’s Embassy Megjashi calls the centres for social work to be active in practice and to have insight in all the dysfunctional families, families in risk, families in difficult social structure, so that the violence and abuse of children is prevented. They look for social workers to take away the parental right of the rapists or the parents that abuse their children.

According to the Penalty Law, the lowest punishment for pedophiles is ten years jail, and the highest is lifetime imprisonment, and for incests to the least ten years of prison.

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