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They grabbed our children for illegal trafficking with human organs 
Missing!? Family’s Mehmedi and Helgovich from Kumanovo four mouths ago for the first time were intruduced to one another. It was the children that brought them together. Their dearest were gone missing. And they are still missing! 

From Kristina Machkich

The parents suspect that their children were abducted for illigale trafficing with human organs. They claim that the police fist suspected that they sold their own children, but after passing the lie detector test the investigation did not find any fault within them. Now the photographes of the children are placed on the web-page of the police and on all border crossings, but has gone nowhere.


“ Where is my grandson, did you find him?”  an old man’s voice asked from a small room made of stone and mud. I looked inside. On the floor, on an old torn materess lay the grandfather. He looked towards the ceiling while the ash form his cigarette fell on his old pajgamas. The grandfather was looking for his grandson Dane who was missing. He dissapeared on the 27th of March this year. He is only five years. Since then not a trace. Noboday saw or heard anything.

In the small house beside the river we meet the father of Dane, Dragan and his aunt. They thought we brought good news but were disapointed. However their giref soon turned into hope. They understood that we wanted to help them find Dane.

“I sleep with my eyes opean. I am very angry and sad. My son is missing and the police accused me. They told me: “ you sold him”, Dragan told us looking twords the pictures on the wall, looking twords Dane.

“That day Dane was playing in the yard. From the time he was very small he wanted to crawl in the yard and he always knew where he was beacuse in front of our house there is a river. That afternoon the child went twords the street. He played with the old wheelchair. He pushed it in the yard and then pushed it on to the street. After a while Dane’s voice silenced. We went out to look for him. He wasnet there. Nether Dane nor the invalid chiar. We thought he had gone to the neighboring streets with the children. We searched ...we searched and yelled but nothing. We called the police and they started looking. They suspected that that he fell in the river. We looked there also , but agian nothing” Dragan spoke with a shaking voice.

“ When the police took me to Skopje for invesrigation I was shocked. They put me on the lie ditector test and asked me whether I sold the child. I was in a state of shock , but soon the lie ditector test proved that I was speaking the truth. Counstantly I told the police: my child is kidnapped for human organ trafficing. That happens with us  Gypsys. Even among us we know that our people participate in the kiddnap. But we thought that that could never happen to us” said Dragan who is still revolted of being suspected by the police.

“You are my only hope. You remembered and you came. Post the picture of Dane throughout the world. Maby someone will see him and tell us where he is. In whatever condition, I just want him back alive”, wished for Dragan and with his fingers pressed his eyes to stop the tears.


“If she has died, I want to know where her grave is, if she is alive I want to see her one last time”, with this thought, the mother of the five year old Mirsada Helgovich now missing for five months, wakes up every morning and а goes to bed every evining. Because of the shcok she does not leave her home for days. She just lies and waites for Miranda. She can’t even talk. Strength comes only from the oldest in the family, grandmother Nadira.

The morning of the 12 of April Mirsada walked a few steps in front of the house. She then went missing. There is no road, no river or meadow. Misada’s house is surrounded by other houses and to get out on the road she would have to climbe a steep terrain.

“The girl could not have climbed by herself. She was kiddnaped. The neighbours said that a black jeep was passing these days in the neighborhood. We and the police searched, but the child was nowhere to be found” said grandmother Nadida holding in her hands the smallest baby of the family.

While I was talking to the grandmother, a girl with blond hair appeared form the toilet into the garden. Knowing Mireca from photographes, the picture shocked us. Was that Mirsada in the garden? No. It was her twin sister, Senada. The girl just wispered quielty. The grandmother said that the twin sister wakes at night and calls for Mirsada. She has strange dreams. She cryes. She mourns and looks for her sister. She just feels her.


From 1987 till today in Macedonia more than 20 children are gone missing. These mysterious disapearances were publicly stated.The newsepaper’s black chronicles always have shocking stories form prarents of the missing chilfren. However evrything remains only on journalistic articles. Will these disappearances remain just statistics for the police bulletins?

Here is one part of the history of such disappearances. The first that the public was informed and horrified dates back to 1987. In the middle of the day, near the Olimpic pool in the centar of Skopje, Amet Alkan, misteriously went missing. He was not alone. He was with a friend. The child that was with Amet after a while was found alive. Amet is still missing. We dont know if he’s dead or alive.

Only a year later, Biljana Srbinovska went missing on “Ilindenska” street. A previously unseen search was organized by the police. A few mounths later in an abandoned well in a village in Skopska Crna Gora the body of the small Bile was found. The investigators could only prove that she was sexually abused. Till today her kidnapper and exicuter has not been found. Still open are the police cases of two children. Search continues for the small Ljunturie Iseni from Trubarevo, a village near Skopje. She has been missing for ten years, since she was five years old. Subaj Shakiri from Krushopek, near Skopje, has been missing since march 2002.


The parents are those who have the greatest responsibility for the care and protection of their children. However, when the family, because of different reasons, is not able to accomplish this obligation, the institutions of the state are those which should give them the most necessary care and protection. The risk of kidnapping is greater for children coming for dysfunctional families, families at risk located in rural areas. The centers for social work should be on the ground in the function of enhanced surveillance, contacting and having more control over these families. It is not enough to give them only social help, psychological help, support and education of the parents is also necessary. In certain cases the centers for social work can take measures for temporary or permanent taking away of parental rights so that the children will not be abused and kidnapped, but only when they are convinced that it will help children from unwanted consequences or tragedies.

The First Children’s Embassy Megjashi appeals to the Ministry for internal affairs not to exclude the doubt among the citizens and that the ever more disappearing of children is linked to: trafficking of children and children’s organs, kidnapping, organized group of abductors of children for street begging, child prostitution and pornography. Reporting on time and fast reaction form the police in the first 24 hours form the kidnapping and abduction are very important.


The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi has repeatedly sent appeals to all relevant institutions especially the police and social work centers for a serious approach to this problem. We appeal to the citizens as well, especially to the parents, for greater “awareness”. Parents, schools, NGO’s, the Ombudsman, the Ministry of interior affairs, the centers for social work and other institutions, each in their domain of action, have their duties to create conditions and provide maximum protection of all children’s rights.