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Children of the primary school ‘’Kole Nedelkovksi’’ in Skopje were introduced to the children's rights at the Children's Embassy Megjashi workshopThe First Children's Embassy in the world Megjashi was visited by the pupils from the 4b grade of the elementary school "Kole Nedelkovski" in Skopje. During the visit they were participants at the children's rights workshop. One of the ways in which the children were acquainted with their rights was with a help of a pictures where they themselves explain the picture and recognized some of their rights on which they are entitled to, desire, need or obligation encouraged by what they have seen on the image. Our idea is the children themselves actively to engage in discussions about their rights, obligations, desires and needs. The children alone, with some help from the volunteers, encourage their own views about what their rights and responsibilities are, what needs are and what desires are.

The role of volunteers is to allow each child a time and space for reflection in order to motivate them to express their opinion in different ways. We want a more creative approach in reaching to the children in order to encourage them to think more about their rights on their own initiative.

During this workshop besides discussing their rights, the children received general information about the Children's Embassy, the SOS free phone number 0800 1 2222 and for the Child Rights Convention. Then they visited the room where the SOS phone line is in order to obtain better visualization of the support available by phone which they can call if needed.  We wanted the children to feel that anyone can call the free line not just when their rights are violated but also anytime they need to talk to someone.
Volunteers: Ivana Ivanova and Nade Misoska