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Children's Embassy Megjashi was invited by the Broadcasting Council to a consultative meeting for the public campaign against drug abuse ‘‘Life is my movie’’ supported by the GovernmentAngelina Chalakoska, psychologist and coordinator of the SOS free phone line for children and youth 0800 1 2222, representing the First Children's Embassy in the world Megjashi attended the consultative meeting with representatives of several organizations organized by the Broadcasting Council regarding the public campaign against drug abuse "Life is my movie’’ supported by the Government. 

The purpose of this meeting was to establish consultation about the category of these videos, ie due to their content, determining their air time and the potential negative impact that they can have on a young audience.

The purpose of each campaign is to reach to a specific target group with an aim to increase awareness of the existence of a certain phenomenon in society, the causes and the consequences of the problem. Specifically for this campaign, the target audience is not clearly identified (children, teenagers, adolescents, parents, consumers, etc..). It is necessary to conduct a detailed study of the problem before making a campaign by examining the problem from different perspectives and consulting experts working to address the issue. It is essential that the campaign is previously assessed in order to gain knowledge concerning whether the desired effect will be achieved and also how to avoid any side effects which will be generated by it.

The Children's Embassy view on these issues was that these videos are stigmatizing, they leave space to encourage prejudices and stereotypes of certain social groups in society. Due to a large number of violent scenes and explicit representation of the manner of preparation and consumption of specific types of drugs, the impact on the development on the juvenile audiences may be negative. Also it is possible to cause confusion among the juveniles and especially among the younger audiences and may even stimulate curiosity in the "rebellious" teenagers. For these reasons, if there is no possibility of changing the content of the videos, they have to be marked for 18+ in the 5th category.

After the meeting, the Broadcasting Council decided the 4 videos ("the day when her mother cried" "a body for a one gram" last line "and "day after") to be broadcast with a rating for an audience of 16+ with airtime form 22:00 until 5:00  and the video with the title "life" during the day.