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Daily Centre for children not attending school The daily care centre for children not attending school continues to function within the First Children's Embassy in the world Megjashi with support from the business sector, citizens and volunteers. 

It is extremely important for these children that the daily care centre continue its work in order not to lose the benefit both in our continued efforts and from what we already achieved. The children have integrated coming here into their lives and regular visits are very important for them. Indeed many want to be able to visit the centre more often. Considering their living conditions, attending the centre is reducing the chances of them being harmed. Sometimes the youngest members of these families visit the centre just to be able to have a bath and a snack or simply to spend some time in the warm. Beside their everyday activates, participation in the workshops allows them to express themselves and to develop capabilities and skills which they are not able to do within their day to day environment. The children and their families also receive clothing, shoes (donated by the citizens). Access to health care is provided as well as support to address other developmental  needs such as exercising their rights as children.

The number of the children on the streets in Skopje is about 1000, we provide childcare for children not attending school and living on the territory of the Municipality of Aerodrom where the Children’s Embassy is located. It is very important for this targeted group that the daily care centre is closer to their place of residence. In the recent months of work, the Embassy work included 20 children from the Municipality of Aerodrom, aged 5-14 years.

The main objective of the daily centre is to enable social inclusion for the street children, psycho-social support and intervention through a deinstitutionalized form of social protection. Within the daily care centre depending of the children’s needs variety of services are offered (cleaning, providing primary health care, social group work, advocacy and lobbying to protect their rights, support for their parents ...).

Besides working with the children we work with their parents or families as well. We provide assistance in assuring accessing their entitlement to health and social care to which they have a right.  This includes assisting in the realization of the right to health care for their children, easier access to the health services, information on social rights and the ways how to access them. In this way we work to ensure that the effects of social exclusion are reduced as much as possible.

The Children's Embassy Megjashi submitted a request for donations in order to support the daily care centre. The daily care centre for 2010 is supported by the donations of following companies and individuals:

Lankom Computers

Commercial Bank a.d Skopje

Promedika doo

Techno Auto Dooel

Law Society Mens Legis Cakmakova

Dragica Blazeska