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Each week two children are victims of paedophile clawsLast year studies show raised number of applications for sexual abuse of children by parents or close relatives.21:00 | 10.02.2010 | Author: Peter Ristovski

Surveys indicate that two to three children per week are victims of sexual abuse and paedophilia in Macedonia. This alarming fact is further worrying taking into account last year trend where we found an increased number of cases of committed incest by parents or close relatives.

That is however a special problem because if the child returns to their abuser, then the life of the child victim is even in greater chaos, experts say.

The reasons for the growth of paedophilia in the country could be the Internet access and access to numerous media, but also the poor economic condition.

- Paedophiles have always existed, but now with easy access to information and with the influence of some media their number appears to have increased.  This pathological phenomenon usually happens by seducing children who are lacking dedicated love (usually children from homes and those neglected by their families), and been influenced by the current economic situation, so the children from the poor families who don’t have much can be tricked with just a little things leaving them vulnerable to being abused - said the psychologist Miroslav Pendarovski.

He believes that personal frustrations and complexes developed during their own youth often cause the paedophile to spill their anger and frustration on innocent people.

Last year from the total number of calls (about 360) on the SOS-phone line in the First Children's Embassy in the world Megjasi, almost 48 percent of the calls were related to physical, mental and sexual violence against children. That is an increase of nine percent over 2008.

The most calls were related to problems in the family (even 24 per cent) and half of the sexual abuse cases are considered incestuous. The children are silent, afraid and almost never report the abuse, according to psychologists working in the Children's Embassy. Last year only 24 children alone reported violence, 94 percent of the people reporting violence and abuses are adult, most of them women.