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First National Child Conference The main topics of the conference were the social discrimination, the right to education and the fight for the children rights.
Children in modern society are faced with countless problems and we must give them some freedom to participate in resolving them, said Erwan Fouere MEP, on yesterday's first national children conference held in the cinema hall "Frosina.

Social discrimination, the right to education and fight for the children’s rights were the main topics of the conference. According to Fouere, this is the first conference that covers the three main issues: social education, ethnic discrimination and child participation.

- He added - There are many visible problems that children are facing in our society. They are pressed by social risks problems that cannot just be looked at and then ignored. However, when it comes to children’s involvement they must be shaped and given a degree of influence in resolving social problems pertaining to them.

The director of Children's Embassy ‘’Megjasi’’, Dragan Zmijanac, spoke about children's participation as a title for what is really happening around the involvement of children supporting children's rights and activism. He encouraged children to activism and involvement in institutions such as the family, the school and wherever they need to be heard.

The head of UNICEF's mission in Macedonia, Sheldon Yett, explained that listening to children does not mean that their opinion should be automatically and immediately taken into account. Instead they should be listening to and then action taken to provide an appropriate solution for the situation for which they are advocate.