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For the revoke of the minor Angela Belated act of the social centresSvetlana Risteska

Revocation of the parental right should be done proactively, not when serious injuries and consequences occurred upon children. The care, education and raising of the children is primarily the responsibility of the parents, but if there is neglect of care as a result of providing a basic standard living conditions, the state should take appropriate measures. This is ‘’Megjasi’s’’ reaction after the commencement of proceedings to revoke the parental rights of the married couple Martha and Goce Kulevski from the village Shtavica, who’s one year old daughter burned alive in her swing beside the stove. -If there was inspection and supervision previously carried out over the Kuleski family regarding the exercising of the parenting rights, question arises, why the initiated proceeding to revoke the parenting right have not been previously maid but they were only maid after the accident occurred - said Dragi Zmijanac from the children’s Embassy.

According to him the Centres for social work should be more mobile, more effective and they should be continuously monitoring the situation on the ground, to visit families and give them help. With the decision of the Inter-Municipality Centre, not even the social experts agree. But the Inter-Municipality Centre for Social Work continues to argue that placing the chilled in the foster family is due to its protection because their parents have no capacity to take care of him. Experts maintain their view that taking away the parenting right from the parents it’s not the right solution but instead conditions should be created in the society. - Firstly, the parents should be able to economically support their children, and secondly, if problems occur regardless of the nature they should be solved and the families should be socialized. With such sanctions, both the parents and the children are losers - said Dr. Ljupco Pechijareski, professor of Faculty of Economics in Prilep.

Goce, the father, can not be reconciled with the fact that he will remain without their older child and he says that he would not giveaway his child to anyone. - The child is currently with my sister in Prilep, and I would not giveaway the child to anyone else. Neither the court nor the police can force me to giveaway the child. It is true that two women came from the Centre for Social Work, but with my sister. If I was burned once by losing Biljana, don’t to it twice to me by taking Angela too - says the father Goce.

The Center for Social Work argues that they acted preventively by temporarily placing Angela in the care of a close relative. – We assessed that the parents do not have enough capacity to take care of the child and to avoid trauma. To provide conditions for normal development we made the appropriate decision. The father is not answering the question as to how he thinks to take care for the family - says Snezana Jovanoska, director of the Centre for Social Work. According to her, the last social worker visit to the family was in April 2009, but carelessness and neglect was not ascertained.

Until now, the Inter-Municipality Centre for Social Work in Prilep took away the mother's parental rights of a Roma woman, who left her child at the Bit Bazaar. The procedure for taking away the parental rights was in the Basic Court in Prilep and lasted one year.