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Free legal service - Complaints to the Ombudsman, centres for social work, police stations and other institutions In the period from 01/01/2010 to 31/03/2010 the free legal service had several cases, some were forwarded to the appropriate authorities and some were treated accordingly. Most of the cases on which the legal service was acting upon were cases reported on the SOS phone line and cases where the citizens on their own initiative reported them at the premises of the Children’s Embassy. Also, the media was used as a source of information for some cases of violation of children's rights.

The legal service collaborates with the Centres for social work, the Ombudsman, the Ministry of Interior, the Public Prosecutor and other state and social institutions.

In the above stated period, the free legal service of the Children's Embassy reacted on cases where there were violations of children's rights. In addition, depending on the cases, requests were sent, complaints made or given legal support and assistance. Complaints were sent to the Centres for social work in cases where domestic violence on children, carelessness and abuse of child labourer (street beggars) is reported. Complaints to the Ombudsman were made for cases of school violence and other violations of children's rights. Complaints are made to the Sector for Internal Affairs (SIA) of Skopje for physical violence against children and cases on child labour.

Apart from the written responses, the legal service was giving legal advice on the children's rights in order to protect them whenever they were injured, threatened or challenged.