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Meeting with the Minister Mustafa Necdet, the Children’s Embassy Megjashi and UNICEF Skopje 27.01.2010. 
On 27/01/2010 (Wednesday) the Minister without portfolio Mustafa Necdet - National Coordinator of the Decade of Roma Inclusion and the Strategy for Roma met with the head of UNICEF office Sheldon Yett and Katerina Konevska from the Children’s Embassy Megjashi. 

The purpose of the meeting is to consider the possibilities of how we can all work together to contribute to effective protection of children’s rights as well as actively involving the children in the educational systems in order to integrate in the society.
UNICEF signed a 6 year contract with the Government and started exploring multiculturalism between ethnic relations in the country which is particularly important for promoting the common coexistence and association in the educational system. According to Sheldon Yett, head of UNICEF's children’s rights are not merciful, but it is something that belongs to every child.

The representative of children's Embassy, Mrs. Konevska noted that 95% of the children on the street are Roma and they are daily exploited for labour and there is a need to devote more attention to such sensitive issue.
According to Mustafa such cooperation will continue in the future where the Minister personally will push with all its available resources, in collaboration with UNICEF and the Children's Embassy Megjashi this occurrence to be resolved as soon as possible, in which children will be removed from the street and will actively be engage in educational systems.