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‘’Megjasi’’ counter decision on the social workers from Prilep  If the Prilep Centre for Social Affairs (CSA) had conscientiously carried out their job and demonstrated insight and awareness in the case of family Kuleski then why the rights of the children had not been put ahead of the parental rights until after a tragedy occurred. Indeed furthermore why only after such a tragedy, did the procedure suddenly start with haste. This was the questioned asked the First Children's Embassy in the world " Megjasi

- Revocation of parental rights should be done proactively, not after serious injuries occur to children and consequences or death. The social work centres should be more mobile, more effective and should continuously monitor the situation for possible abuse to prevent life threatening consequences for the children in families at risk. Then taking appropriate measures would act proactively to prevent injury to children – as stated in the information from the Children’s Embassy.

Furthermore in such cases where the family is facing the problem of providing basic means of existence, the state and its institutions must promptly take any measures.

In this case, Megjasi considers the state instruments and social workers negligent in failing to carry out their role effectively and that there is a need for accountability from these organisations directly responsible for the situation.

Under the Convention for children’s rights to which Macedonia is signatory, the competent authorities failed to act promptly and were not responsive to any of the signs or calls to action. This violated two articles under which the state is obliged to provide child care and protection necessary for his welfare and the fact that the poor family Kuleski was not provided any material assistance and support in terms of food, clothing and the basic requirements for living.

They added that until now they have acted many times and asked the social work centres to monitor the parents at the time and if it is determined that there is inadequate parental care to initiate proceedings for intervention.

- The First Children's Embassy in the world Megjasi has had cause to repeatedly criticize the irregular and late intervention for enhanced supervision and inspection in the exercise of the parental care in families at risk and known dysfunctional families –As published in the Megjashi statement.

Currently, the three years old Angela Kuleska lives with her relatives in Prilep, while her parents are trying to find a way to bring her back. This weekend, they were visited by several representatives of several companies and institutions in the country who donated food, clothing and equipment and expressed their support.