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Moneyboxes Newsletter In the period from January to March the total donations from citizens into Embassy donation moneyboxes which were place throughout Macedonia was 123,220.00 denars.  During this period the full moneyboxes were replaced with new ones at the following locations: Tinex (Tetovo, Kavadarci, Stip, Strumica, Bitola, Bitola2, Karposh3, Topansko Pole, Partizanska) total of 42,096.00 denars, Tediko (Vlae, Topansko Pole i Cento) total of 10,055.00 denars, Ramstor Tetovo total of 6,739.00 denars, Stopanska Bank (Strumica Bitola1, Bitola2, Delcevo, Makedonska Kamenica, Negotino, Kavadarci) total of 45,508.00 denars, Skopje Airport Alexander The Grat total of 7,275.00 denars, Megjashi – bushavko moneybox 1,553.00 denars, Megjashi moneyboxes with euro coins 2,160.00 denars, Bridge Stone Hotel 1,225.00 denars, Reptil market 1,070.00 denars, Cosmofon One of Prilep 5,549.00 denars. The following people were present to witness during opening and counting of the donations from moneyboxes: Petre Bliznakovski, Slobodanka Bogoevska,  Zarko Zmijanac and Ivana Ivanova.

We wish to thank the citizens for each of their donations and by that demonstrating their desire to support the work of the First Children's Embassy in the world - Megjashi.