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Report on the work of SOS for Children and Youth for the period from January to March 2010 The SOS helpline for children and youth 0800 1 2222 at the First Children's Embassy in the world Megjashi actively worked in the first quarter of 2010. In period from January to March were registered around 70 reports by the citizens. Contact and reports are often accomplished through the free Children and Youth telephone number 0800 1 2222 but citizens also contacted us through direct visits and by electronic mail.

It is still a common practice for adults to seek advice, information and express concerns when they have witnessed cases of violation of children's rights. In terms of total number of calls, about 10% were made by children (teenagers). The SOS operators during this period held talks with 7 children via the SOS help line and direct meetings in the premises of the First Children's Embassy in the world Megjashi.
The first place based upon the number of reports, a total of 25 are from the category of issues related to divorce procedures, granting custody and visiting rights decisions, problems related to the exercise of parental right, the right to alimony and the like. Callers speak to us in order to receive legal and psychological advice. They seek advice in order to help the children going through the stressful period of divorce proceedings and to address complaints and dissatisfaction with the decisions taken by the Social Work Centres.

Applications for domestic violence and neglect, violence and an un-pedagogue like attitude in the schools, as well as seeking social assistance in exercising the right to child benefit are very   common.


Parents of children with special needs are contacting the SOS free phone number in order to express dissatisfaction and seek help and support because they believe in our society these children are being oppressed. Because of the unsuitable conditions in institutions the process of socialization for these children is further aggravated. These parents are contacting us in order to obtain information about organizations, associations and clubs where their children can spend their free time being creative and where they can socialize with other children. 

Citizens also contact us to inform us about a case decision, for which we have acted together, but the biggest motivation for the SOS operators is when someone calls to express their gratitude for the support and assistance received from the SOS office and to say how much it meant our help to them. The operators of the SOS telephone free line for children and youth 0800 1 2222 are volunteers from various professions (psychologists, social workers, teachers and family counsellors).

In close cooperation with SOS service, which offers psychological help and support is the free legal service that offers free legal advice and what actions to be taken in situations where children's rights have been violated.