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Roza Vasilevska and Redzep Raimi are awarded a special volunteering certificate from YCC Bitola Youth Cultural Centre - Bitola (Macedonian Volunteers Centre) on the occasion of December 5th International volunteer’s day, opened a public call for volunteer awards for 2009. The call was addressed to all civil societies to propose candidates for gold, silver and a bronze awards for volunteer engagement during 2009. Winners of the certificates for volunteering are: Gold Certificate was awarded to Marina Jovanovska from Bitola who volunteered in the children's kindergarten "May Blossom." Silver Certificate was awarded to Philip Grizhovski from Prilep for the work at the Institute and the Museum of the same city. A Bronze Certificate was awarded to Darko Petrovski from Tetovo for his achievements as a volunteer in the University Polyclinic in Tetovo.

Our long-time volunteers, as well members of the Collegium, Roza Vasilevska Redzep Raimi are awarded a special volunteering certificate.

Roza Vasilevska, was for many years a teacher at the elementary school "Jan Amos Comenski’’ in Skopje and at the same time a volunteer at the Children's Embassy Megjashi since the early formation of the organisation leading workshops on human values. Many times she was representing the activities in the media on almost all television channels A1, Sitel, MTV, MTM, Sky Net, Nasha TV and others as well as radio stations and daily newspapers.

The fact that she is volunteering with such passion and commitment at the Children’s Embassy Megjashi and selflessly invests her knowledge and skills is compelling. She has actively participated in many workshops, seminars, training, researches for which she has gotten a range of diplomas and certificates as proof of gained knowledge which she applies at the children’s Embassy and at the elementary school where she works as a teacher.  She was also engaged as a facilitator in the project "Multi-cult", workshops with parents from mixed nationalities and voluntary commitment to the free Children’s and Youth SOS phone line. She has been active on the SOS line for a long time now and her main purpose is to help the children to be better acquainted with their rights or to create conditions for achieving them. Quite often she holds consultative meetings with members of families who need to talk. With her efforts she has inspired and encouraged a number of her friends to become active volunteers in Megjashi.

Redzep Raimi is a retired elementary school teacher and another active volunteer in the First Children's Embassy Megjashi since July 2001. He was, for more than 20 years an active member of the Macedonian Red Cross (RC) in Skopje.
Here's Redzep telling us about his starting days as a volunteer at the Children's Embassy Megjashi, and what was it that had motivated him to devote his free time to children and a key enabler for them to exercise their rights: "The Central Committee of Cair Municipality informed me that Megjashi needs volunteers of Albanian nationality and asked me to call them. I did not even know where their premises were so I used newspapers in order to find their number. I went to Megjashi’s premises where I met Gordana P. Zmijanec and a German lady in charge of the project. Once the situation had been explained to me, I then agreed to work as a volunteer - educator to children from crisis hot spots, which were cared for in families. So with few buses we headed of for Ohrid-Hotels Sileks.

The experiences acquired by the voluntary activities were also used in his work as a teacher. In 2003, along with other volunteers he led workshops for children's rights in the multiethnic environments in 15 primary schools in Skopje and around Skopje. For these workshops, he says, "we achieved a great success because we accepted students from all nationalities. We decided first to work with the Macedonian and Albanian teachers where we held training for them in Mavrovo, Struga and Skopje on ‘’non-violent approach to conflict’’ After the training, the teachers were able to implement their knowledge in the schools with multi ethnical students."

Roza Vasilevska and Rezdep Raimi, have demonstrated exemplary work as volunteers at the Children's Embassy Megjashi. They are deeply respected and we believe that their work should be used as an example to all of us.