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The baby of the juvenile refugee from Gorno Jabolchishta died The baby of the 15 years old Samir Zejenelova who lives in Veles, Gorna Jabolchishta, in an outside marital union visited Channel 5, 3 month ago. The three days old newborn baby started to suffocate in the middle of the night. The baby died on the way to hospital. It is unclear whether the baby was healthy when it was released from the Veles hospital where Zejnelova gave a birth. Further details were to be announced for the following day. The body of the baby was given for autopsy. According to initial results - there were no signs of violence. However, the forensic findings are still pending for the final results.
Against the will of her parents she lived in her husband’s house Haliti Zekiri who is working abroad in Italy while at home he has been sentenced to 6 months in prison custody for his unlawful relationship with Samir. The court and the social care centre taking into account her pregnancy and her will to live at Haliti’s did not return her home to her parents. Now the family are blaming the country which according to them failed to offer support when support was most needed.

The social care centre in Veles said that neither the family nor the hospital has reported that Samir gave birth.  They planned to return the juvenile to her parents or to take her to a Mothers Home. Just before the New Year they tried to recover Samir from her husband’s home in Jabolchishta with the police and ambulance but she resisted and they did not want to further pressure the 9 month pregnant girl.

The juvenile refugee was seen in front of the channel 5 cameras promising that she will not leave Haliti’s house. In this case the Ombudsman and Children's Embassy Megjashi were reacting to the need for assistance and extending our support.