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The First Children's Embassy in the world Megjashi reacts to the decision to revoke the parental rights of Kuleski familySunday, March 14, 2010 21:29 Julian 
The First Children's Embassy in the world Megjashi repeatedly has been asking the Social Work Centres to first monitor the parental right, and then if it is determined that there is improper performance of the parental right to revoke the same, ie to start proceedings for revocation. If in the case of the Kulevski family, the monitoring and control over the exercise of their parental right was carried out, the question arises, why their parental right was not previously revoked but instead proceedings to revoke the parental right was carried out afterwards, ie after the accident happened.

The First Children's Embassy in the world Megjashi has repeatedly criticized the irregular and late intervention for enhanced supervision and inspection in the exercise of parental rights for the families at risk and dysfunctional families.

The centres should promptly and properly react in the prevention and protection of the children. Revocation of the parental right should be done as a prevention, not after serious injuries and consequences occur on the children or death caused by violence by the parents or parental neglect. Centres for social work should be more mobile, more effective and they should continuously monitor the situation of possible abuse and prevention of life threatening consequences against the children in families at risk by taking appropriate preventive measures. They should be able to give the largest contribution in prevention of violations on children's rights because they are in direct contact with the families in crisis situations. They should have strengthened inspections and controls and to take appropriate preventive measures in families at risk.

Care, education and raising of the children is a primarily responsibility of the parents, but if there is negligence due to difficulties in providing a basic standard for living conditions, the state should take appropriate measures. The parents of the children from the families at risk should not be solely blamed. The social workers need to be regularly onsite, to contact these families, to work with them in order to provide a secure living environment for proper growth and development of the children, to give aid and so on.

Macedonia is a welfare state and it is expected everywhere where the family can not provide basic economic conditions for their children, to intervene with their own mechanisms and tools to enable children to exercise their rights guaranteed by national laws and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The article 3, paragraph 2 of this Convention states: "States Parties undertake to ensure child protection and care necessary for his welfare, taking into account the rights and obligations of his parents, legal guardians or other individuals legally responsible for the child and for that purpose shall take all necessary legislative measures".